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10Pcs 1Mx3mm Fiberglass Running Cable Wire Kit Coaxial Electrical Cable Installing Rods
Material: Fiberglass
Color: Orange
Linear Density: 8 g/m
Traction Breakage Tension: 8kg
Traction Breaking Tension: 8T
Minimum Bending Radius: 8mm
Cable Diameter: 3mm
Cable Length: 1m / 39.37'' / 3.28ft (appr.)
✔ Reinforced fiberglass construction, threaded brass connectors.
✔ Connect individual section end-to-end to create a variety of length.
✔ Packaged with a solid carrier tube, convenient for carrying and holding.
✔ For access to wires and cables under floorboards, above ceiling, trunking and wall cavities.
✔ Threaded connectors are bevelled on both ends to prevent snagging and hang ups on obstructions.
Package Included:
10X Fiberglass Rods (Ø3mmx 1M)
2X Brass Push & Pull Rod
1X Flexible Extender
1X Hook
1X Ring
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